Wednesday, 22 November 2017

    17/10/2017     Ana
WALT: plan and write an explanation of your understanding of evolution

My understanding of evolution is when  something or someone adapts to change.  They change into something better than what it was.

Animals are great at surviving they are good at finding their way back to their home. Animals are so good at finding food for themselves or their families. Animals are good at hunting for their food. Also animals are great at hiding from bigger animals that would kill the little animals.

Secondly people were ape like, then there was caveman or there might of been caveman before apes. Caveman and apes are like the same. They both use their hands and feet to walk.  Caveman are like  people of today, but they do not speak much and we walk upright.

Lastly I think that evolution is all about adapting and changing.  

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